I’ll have my Egg Roll with a Schmear.

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Inspired by the Pastrami egg rolls we recently sampled at FoodParc, a retro-60’s-yet-modernist-eatery situated near the office, I decided to reverse engineer this wondrous marriage of cultures at home and it came out….SPLENDILICIOUS!

Chopped cabbage, slivered carrots, diced Katz’s Pastrami, soy sauce, ginger, sugar, dash of salt and pepper — sauteed in the frying pan with vegetable oil.   In the meantime, I made my own deep fryer using my giant soup pot and an inch of vegetable oil and heated that up to 375F.   I had previously obtained egg roll wrappers from the local fish store.  So I grabbed a bit of the filling, rolled it into an egg roll shape using the wrappers, and with a set of tongs, dropped those babies one by one into the hot oil bath.

My little creations danced delightedly in their primordial ocean as the wrappers browned and bubbled.  After they were done, I put them to dry on some paper towels and collected my dipping sauces:  Thai Peanut, Chinese Plum, Hot-Sweet Mustard, and Vietnamese Fish sauce with Sweet Chilies.

Here’s how it looked:

Only one wrinkle this time: I transported the crispy treats in a sealed container.  They were still very hot so the result was that they lost their crispiness en route.  Mostly rectified by the office toaster oven but not 100%. 

Despite this one little mishap, I say this one’s a keeper.


Chick it out!

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In the continuing lunching adventures of Stephanie and Presley, today’s dilectible victuals were…. Falafel (deep fried chick pea and spices shaped into little balls) with homemade Tahini sauce, stuffed grape leaves, Baba Ganoush (drizzled with Saifan Olive Oil and Paprika) plus a healthy portion of  crispy, tart, sliced Israeli pickles.

Simply Scrumptidilicous!

The only wrinkles were that, as aromatic and spicy as these rotundly rich and crispy Falafels were, they were handball size, which was a tad large, and they were just a bit on the dry side due to several hours having transpired since their initial preparation.  Right after I pulled them out of the deep fryer this morning though, they were so good as to be dangeous!

Worth another go!

Brie and Butter!

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Today’s lunch treat consisted of Brie and Butter sandwiches with sliced pears and cranberry slather, all piled into toasted wheat bread. 

Here’s the finished product:

Twas a toothsome treat, and yet something was missing from the combination….

Eggselent Lunch

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Who knew that there could be so many different kinds of egg salad?

A Google search for “Egg Salad” revealed no less than 8 pages of recipes. Which to choose? So I decided to go for a bi-polar combination of traditional egg salad versus New Age egg salad. So….for today’s lunch we enjoyed:

Egg Salad with red onions and dill with a dollop of mayo (not to repeat yesterday’s mayo situation) on whole wheat bread.


Egg Salad with yogurt, curry and ….apples (also on wheat bread), providing a provocative segue from yesterday’s Waldorf salad.

And it turned out pretty well!

So in the case of today’s lunch, I am happy to report that Steph and I both had egg on our faces!


Yikes! The egg-off is on! Both were amazing and delicious. I think I liked the mayo one better, at least with this bread. Maybe the apple egg would have been nice on an olive bread or herb bread. But really both were great.


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What goes good with coleslaw? Wait…I know….Macaroni Salad! And even better….what goes good with Macaroni Salad and Cole Slaw? Ooooh Waldorf Salad Sandwiches.

OMG. Holy Mayo.

It was good, but shouldn’t be replicated often.

The best part was the cinnamon raisin bread. It’s a game changer.

PRESLEY SAYS: Very different from my usual fare, and tasty too! I love creative lunch!


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Like the farmers make it. With bacon and 16 eggs!

Something happened to this recipe. I used the wrong size baking dish I guess because instead of 8 eggs and 3 cups of milk, I had to keep adding liquid until I reached 16 eggs and 6 cups of milk. Holy Cow! Hahaha.

Anyways, it turned out really nice. The stuff is whatever you want to put in it, layered with cubes of hardish white bread, all covered with the egg milk mixture (also contains worchestershire sauce, ground mustard + s+p).

I threw this puppy in the oven while doing laundry, thinking it will be done in the stated 70-90 minutes, but it was more like 1:30 AM when I took it out. Cooking time 2+ hours. Yikes!

PRESLEY SAYS: If food could hug you, this lovely dish would be the arms!  Nice salad too!

Deli Delicacy

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So another obsession of mine is Pastrami!

In my travels through the wilds of upstate New York, I encountered a little storefront called the Old World Provisions outlet.  The smell of hot pastrami drew me in and soon I was engrossed in some of the most flavorful, delicate and tender pastrami I have ever encountered.  After several delicious bites of this marvelous delicacy, I realized that, in fact, it tasted kind of familiar.  A little contemplation led me to realize that the superlative sandwich I was holding in my hand was identical to a Katz’s pastrami sandwich from Houston St. in NYC!

I asked the proprietor about this and, sure enough, this was the source of Katz’s very own speciality!

So I brought some of that brined baby home and made us some sandwiches, with a generous slather of mustard, and a little potato salad and pickles to round it off,  and I do believe it turned out rather well!

STEPH SAYS:  It’s because you’re a crypto-jew!

PRESLEY RESPONDS:  Does that make me Jewcuadorian?  Or perhaps a Jinca?